The perfect dieting companion

There are many types of diet out there, all with different pros and cons, but Total Sweet is the ideal companion to nearly all of them, offering steady release energy with lower calories and 'available' carbohydrates, along with other added health benefits

The GI diet is one of the most popular and proven diets and Total Sweet has a GI value of just 7, by far the lowest of any sugar alternative on the market and about ten times lower than sugar. This means it won't affect your blood sugar levels as dramatically as sugar and will therefore help keep hunger at bay

All diets advise reducing calories in some form or another and Total Sweet has 40% fewer calories than sugar and the calories it does have are very low GI, making them much less lightly to end up as fat

Several low-carb diets are still helping millions to lose weight and Total Sweet also boasts less than half the 'available' carbohydrates (those absorbed and used by the body) of sugar

Not only do these benefits make Total Sweet great for dieting, they also mean it's suitable for a lot of people suffering with diabetes or pre-diabetes