Rhubarb and Raspberry Jam

Serves: - Cooking time: 50 minutes

Spring means rhubarb, and this simple Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam recipe not only tastes amazing but takes less than an hour to go from the garden to the jar.


  • 900g rhubarb – sliced
  • 500g raspberries – fresh or frozen
  • 150ml water


  1. Cook the rhubarb in the water at a low temperature until tender
  2. Add the raspberries and cook until they’re soft
  3. Add the Total Sweet and stir, do not be tempted to turn up the heat until thoroughly dissolved. Make sure every bit of xylitol is dissolved - including any on the side of the pan or spoon, if not the jam can crystalise when it cools later.
  4. Once dissolved bring the jam quickly to boil and boil hard until the setting point is reached, approximately 20/25 minutes
  5. To test for setting put a small amount of jam on a cold plate and leave for a minute – if the jam wrinkles when you push a finger gently across the top the jam is ready. Don’t forget to take the pan off the heat whilst you are testing!
  6. Skim off any scum and pour into warm, sterilised jars.
  7. Enjoy!