National tree Week

Did you know that Total Sweet is made from the bark of sustainably sourced European birch and beech trees?

National Tree Week is the UK’s biggest annual tree celebration. This year it takes place from the 27 November to the 5 December – coinciding perfectly with the start of tree planting season. 

2021 saw world leaders commit to ending deforestation by 2030, marking the start of a worldwide commitment to greenery. National Tree Week will see thousands of participants planting, studying, and educating. 

To tackle deforestation effectively, we need to identify the causes – rather than just remedying the symptoms. Tree planting initiatives are great, but they’re only effective when we commit to eliminating unsustainable farming and harvest methods. The data shows that business is a driving force behind these unsustainable methods.

Leading UK sugar alternative Total Sweet® has a lot to thank trees for. The product is made from the bark of sustainably sourced European birch and beech trees. We have scoured the earth for the most sustainable raw material available and are delighted that our production methods use 93% less land, create 80% less greenhouse gas emissions and have a 90% smaller blue water footprint than cheaper Asian xylitol does. Being mindful of and giving back to the environment is important to Total Sweet, which is why they have partnered with SEED Madagascar to help replant trees in badly affected areas and allow the Lemur populations to reconnect in areas where they have been cut off from the forest due to excess deforestation. 

To date, Total Sweet have planted over 60,000 trees. Which means more tasty xylitol, and a brighter greener future.