Limited Lemurs

Last year total sweet xylitol sponsored a tree nursery for Project Ala, which is planting tree corridors on Madagascar to help the movement of lemurs and other endangered wildlife.

To help raise more important funds for the project Seed Madagascar have 50 of these amazing limited prints to give to those who pledge funds to the project...

Whilst most of us will recognise Madagascar’s famous ring tailed lemurs, it’s one of the island’s lesser known species that is the subject for this limited edition print by artist Louise Miller.

The Tanosi Mouse Lemur, depicted in the print, was only announced as a species in 2013. However, this tiny lemur is already endangered and in need of conservation support, which is what Louise (a renowned artist and animator, who has worked with the likes of MTV, EA Games and Disney) hopes her prints, originally painted in watercolour and ink, will help provide.

50 limited edition framed prints have been produced and will be given to people who pledge £100 (or set up monthly donations of £10) to Project Ala (which means 'forest' in Malagasy). A project run by SEED Madagascar, one of Project Ala’s main aims is to create forest corridors between existing pockets of habitat for lemurs (including The Tanosi Mouse Lemur) and other endangered wildlife on Madagascar. Planting tree corridors between segmented pieces of forest allows lemurs to move more freely again and hopefully breed and increase in numbers.

To find out how you can support the project and become the owner of one of these very special prints, please visit

SEED Madagascar would like to thank Louise, Kellmatt printers and Photo Frames & Art for their support.