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A glut of plums

A glut of plums

With our orchard plum tree giving us so many beautiful plums this year we're on a race against time so as not to waste any!

This weekend we spent a good chunk of our time picking Victoria plums from our very special plum tree. We cannot believe how many plums have grown on it considering the tough winter and dry, hot summer but we are truly grateful for the delicious fruit and are determined not to let any go to waste. 

Plums can have quite a tart taste and often people will add a lot of sugar to plum recipes to try and balance the flavours, but thanks to xylitol it’s possible to keep the sugar down while still keeping the yummy taste we all love. So far we’ve made Plum Crumble and an Almond and Plum Puff Pastry Tart, but one of the best ways of preserving fruit is by turning it into jam - so that's our next task!

We found this perfect Plum Jam recipe which we are going to try out. Let us know if you try any low sugar recipes with plums and we'll give them a go too!