Living sugar free for 29 years

Carolyn Hartz’ passion for a sugar free lifestyle began when she was diagnosed with pre- diabetes 2 in the late 1980’s. It is at this point she decided she needed to cut out the sugar and find an alternative so she could still enjoy sweet treats.

Now at the age of 70 she puts her healthy complexion and physique down to the natural sugar alternative xylitol. She uses 100% all-natural sugar free sweetener to create her favourite, guilt free recipes, available to see in her “Honestly” Sugar Free Baking book. 

The recipes also contain gluten & flour free recipes and contain no every day or hidden sugars like rice malt syrup, honey or agave!

Since the diagnosis she has self-educated on the perils and addictive nature of sugar and launched her business, Perfect Sweet® xylitol over in her home country, Australia.

It's great to see such a positive outcome from someone who uses xylitol on a regular basis in order to enjoy the sweeter things in life without the negatives.

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