Total Sweet can be used in all your favourite recipes in exactly the same way as sugar

Whether you are baking or simply looking to add sweetness to your favourite dessert, Total Sweet is the healthy choice.

We suggest you try using Total Sweet in the same quantities as sugar in your cooking, but depending on your particular taste you may want to use more or less accordingly.

The only times you can’t use Total Sweet are for bread baking, as xylitol doesn’t feed yeast, and when you want something caramelising, such as with a creme brulee.

Please remember: don’t be tempted to give your dog any food containing Total Sweet or any other xylitol product.

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We’ve worked with Fiona McDonald Joyce, one of the UK’s leading nutritional chefs, to create nine recipes which allow those on low sugar, low fat diets to enjoy all the flavour and sweetness of classic tea time treats and puddings whilst still following the dietary guidelines for those with diabetes*.

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