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Sugar Snub

28 July 2016

Total Sweet Xylitol might make cutting down on sugar at home that bit easier, but what about when you’re eating out?

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Lemon Drizzle Cake

13 June 2016

Congratulations to Ellie Bevan for winning our Instagram baking competition.

To enter the competition we asked what cake you’d most like to see sugar free and the most popular choice, by a long way, was Lemon Drizzle Cake…

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The best chocolate cake ever...

03 June 2016

We’re really excited about this one! We’ve managed to create a super tasty chocolate cake that has only a tiny amount of sugar in it…

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Competition time!

24 May 2016

Head over to our new Instagram Page ( for your chance to win a fantastic sugar free baking kit…

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New Instagram Page

13 May 2016

On Instagram? Then check out our new page for exciting recipe ideas and low sugar inspiration.

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