Made from European Hardwood

100% natural xylitol
sugar alternative

Xylitol - Diabetes

Now there’s a natural sugar alternative for those with diabetes*

More and more people living with diabetes are learning about Total Sweet xylitol; the natural sugar alternative that looks and tastes just like sugar, but is ideal for diabetics

Xylitol has a glycaemic index (GI) value of just 7, which is about 10 times lower than sugar and 4 times lower than fructose, making it ideal for those with diabetes as it has a lesser effect on blood glucose levels

The launch of Total Sweet is exciting news for those living with diabetes. Not only can you now enjoy sweet foods, but you can also feel safe in the knowledge that xylitol is totally natural and also boasts a host of other health benefits

Xylitol is also useful to those diabetes sufferers who need to lose weight as it has 40% fewer calories than sugar and less than half the available carbohydrates, which combined with its low GI value make it ideal for almost any diet

Another huge benefit of Total Sweet for diabetes sufferers is that it can be used in cooking in the same quantities as sugar, so you can now make diabetic friendly desserts and puddings

Furthermore xylitol is seen to actively promote healthy teeth and reduce plaque and dental decay

Life with diabetes just got sweeter!

*if in any doubt always consult a health advisor